Author Title Reference Y V
Faleri, A, et al Two cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies recognize overlapping epitopes on Neisseria meningitidis factor H binding protein but have different functional properties. Journal of Immunological Methods, April 8 2014 PMID
Spensieri, F et al Human circulating influenza-CD4+ ICOS1+IL-21+ T cells expand after vaccination, exert helper function, and predict antibody PNAS, Aug 2013; 110: 14330 - 14335 2013 Read
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Inganas, M et al Determining cytokine levels from small sample volumes in vaccine studies using Gyrolab BioaffyTM 12th International Congress of Immunology and 4th Annual Conference of FOCIS Montreal, Canada, July 18-23, 2004 2004
Inganas, M Application report 205: Quantification of antigen-specific antibodies
in serum
Gyros Application Report Product Information

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