Installations worldwide

Gyros is trusted by companies of every size worldwide

Leading biopharmaceutical companies have implemented Gyrolab technology for a range of applications. One-third of Gyros’ customers worldwide have multiple Gyrolab platforms. See some of our customers below.


  MPI Research   ProBioGen
AMGEN   Millipore   QPS
AstraZeneca   MerckSerono   Quotient Bioresearch
Bayer Pharma AG   Merck   Radix BioSolutions
Bioagilytix   MedImmune   Cobra Biologics
Biogen Idec   Morphotek   Rentschler Biotechnologie
bristol-myers-squibb   National Research Centre for the Working Enviroment (AMI)   Roche
Covance   National Veterinary Institute   Rudbeck Laboratory
GE Healthcare   Novartis   Syrinx Bioanalytics
GlaxoSmithKline   NovImmune   Thrombogenics
Huntingdon Life Sciences   Novo Nordisk   York Bioanalytical Solutions
ICON   Pfizer   Print 
Lonza   PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals