Why Gyros


Be Nimble. Be Quick. Be Gyros.

Miniaturizing immunoassays. Maximizing productivity.

For laboratories of all sizes, and research in any stage of discovery or development, Gyros’ technology reduces manual labor, run time and material consumption, enhancing workflow efficiency — that’s return on investment.

Fit for every stage

Whether you need to accelerate assay development for preclinical R&D, facilitate upstream and downstream bioprocessing, meet critical data and time requirements for regulated bioanalysis or strengthen quality control in manufacturing, Gyros will put a new spin on what’s possible in your laboratory.


Be Nimble. Be Quick. Be Gyros.

It’s about time

Gyrolab platforms process up to 112 data points per CD run within one hour, enabling fast, effective decision making. The option to load up to five CDs and unattended operation mean Gyrolab xP workstation does the work of an entire team of scientists, delivering results and maximizing productivity in your laboratory.

Reproducibility = Capability

Gyros technology ensures parallel sample processing. With high-sensitivity, laser-induced fluorescence detection, Gyrolab platforms yield up to 112 data points per CD, all with exceptional reproducibility and minimal repeats. Read more about Gyros´technology >

Trouble-free transfer

Gyros’ technology streamlines assay workflows, eliminating cumbersome plate-based assay development and validation. Quickly and confidently transfer assays between operators and labs.


Be Nimble. Be Quick. Be Gyros.

Trusted worldwide

Leading biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) have implemented Gyros’ technology for a range of applications. Many of our customers have multiple Gyrolab platforms. See who else is using Gyros technology >

Fit for every lab

Gyrolab xPlore™

Explore More, Faster Than Before


Gyrolab™ xP workstation

The Work of a Team in One Machine




Gyrolab xPlore is a single-CD, cost-effective tool making automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays accessible to laboratories of every size.


With Gyrolab xP, automated processing and multi-CD loading (up to five discs) optimizes immunoassay development, processing and performance in your laboratory.

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Better than ELISA

  Parameter Gyrolab ELISA
  Well capacity 8 μL 100 μL
  Assay run time (including o/n coating) Approx. 1 hour 10 hours
  Dynamic range 10.5-6400 ng/mL 88-666 ng/mL
  Minimum required dilution of samples (MRD) 1:2 1:20
  Assay development time 3 days 1 week
  Built-in automation Yes No
  Frequent interruptions from deskwork No Yes
  Unattended running Yes No

Figure courtesy of C. Mallozzi and M. Kavosi, Pfizer