Gyrolab consumables:
Consistent conditions. Complete control.

Gyros offers a range of consumables to meet your diverse needs quickly.

Rexxip™ buffersRexxip buffer selection guide

Rexxip™ buffers help you save time in assay development and get the best performance from your immunoassay. The buffers preserve the integrity of the sample while it flows through the CD, enhance binding between analyte and reagent, and minimize non-specific binding in the capture column. Rexxip buffers cover a wide range of antibodies and other analytes. Select the Rexxip buffer most suitable for your application using the table (click to enlarge).

Gyrolab Functionality Check Kit

Gyrolab Functionality Check Kit helps you ensure high-quality results by quickly verifying instrument performance. The functionality check is completed in a single run, taking only 20 minutes to perform and requires no additional training. A detailed report is automatically generated and stored in the database. You can start routine runs immediately after a successful check. Gyrolab Functionality Check Kit supports GLP/GMP and quality assurance requirements and is compatible with instruments controlled by Gyrolab Control version 5.2 and higher.