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Gyrolab™ Protein A KitGyrolab Protein A Kit

Gyrolab Protein A Kit is designed to detect native and recombinant protein A residuals in samples, such as antibody preparations after Protein A purification processes. In Gyros’ automated method, samples are acidified in the Gyrolab Mixing CD to dissociate protein A-IgG complexes. The amount of Protein A is then determined by a sandwich immunoassay.

  • Quantifies native protein A, recombinant protein A variants and GE Healthcare’s MabSelect SuRe™ ligand
  • Automates acid dissociation
  • Provides results within 80 minutes
  • Delivers precise, accurate data

 Standard assay protocol:

  1. Dilute samples to appropriate IgG concentration
  2. Dilute standards in series to set up seven points of diluted standard between 0.05 ng/ml and 40 ng/ml
  3. Dilute the capture antibody to 100 ug/ml and the detection antibody to 25 nM
  4. Prepare a microtiter plate with standards, capture and detection antibodies, acid dissociation buffers and wash buffers
  5. Load samples, reagents and Gyrolab Mixing CD(s) in a Gyrolab instrument
  6. First results available within 80 minutes

Typical assay data


RV2_Gyrolab_Xp_workstation_vs_EMD_Millipore_ELISA_sGyroMark™ HT kits

Biomarker kits from EMD Millipore for Gyrolab platform

The flexibility of the open Gyrolab system has now been complemented with the convenience of new, fully qualified GyroMark HT kits from EMD Millipore. These kits enable clinical researchers and drug developers to generate valuable research data much faster than typical ELISA kits, and use much less sample, freeing up analyst time and offering an easier route to robust, reproducible data.

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