Impurity testing

First-run success rate. Increased.

Rapid quantification of contaminants such as host cell protein (HCP) and protein A enables data-driven decisions to be made throughout the biotherapeutics workflow, from cell-line development and clone selection through to bioprocess development and production. By transferring their ELISA HCP assay to Gyrolab workstation, MedImmune saved a lot of time and effort. They also increased the ‘first run’ success rate significantly, which greatly improved productivity.

Increasing first-run success rate of impurity testing with Gyrolab xP

By converting to Gyrolab xP, the research group also lowered sample and reagent consumption and increased the dynamic range of the assay.

Impurity testing - Gyrolab used less sample and increase range compared to ELISA


Gyrolab improved productivity

All in all, the conversion to Gyrolab workstation helped MedImmune to improve productivity greatly.

All data courtesy of Medimmune

IgG and HCP – in parallel

Gyrolab workstation can be used to monitor target IgG production and HCP contamination in parallel, throughout optimization and the production process. In addition, Gyrolab Workstation delivers data with high precision and reproducibility, giving you confidence in the results and reducing the risk of re-analysis. And support with IQ/OQ towards GMP validation ensures that Gyros technology fits well into the bioprocess workflow.

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