Gyros platform for protein quantification purchased by AstraZeneca and Cambridge Antibody Technology


Gyros announced today that it has completed the separate sales of two microfluidic system platforms to AstraZeneca and Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT)

The system sales, which took place in April 2006 prior to the acquisition of CAT by AstraZeneca, signify the growing interest from major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the benefits offered by Gyros AB’s microfluidic technology.

Gyros microfluidic platform consists of Gyrolab™ Bioaffy™ compact disk (CD) microlaboratories (facilitating miniaturized and integrated protein quantification applications) and Gyrolab workstation (a fully automated system for running Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs). Together they provide a simple to use, precisely controlled solution for processing hundreds of samples in parallel at nanoliter scale. Scientists are able to use immunoassays with a very broad measuring range to generate more information from less sample, improving both productivity and efficiency.

The Process Analysis group at AstraZeneca, Södertälje, Sweden, headed up by Dr. Anders Hagman is using Gyrolab Bioaffy in the development of immunoassays. Dr. Hagman said, “Gyros platform is well suited to our research applications and in particular the development of new assays. Sample throughput and overall assay performance have been improved, while the broad dynamic range offered by the system has also reduced the need for sample dilutions.”

“Compared to other laboratory automation systems, Gyros system offers a much simplified way of working. And Gyros team has provided great support in setting up new assays at our lab”, concluded Dr. Hagman.

At Cambridge Antibody Technology, the Bioanalytical Development group, headed up by Tim Meyers, intends to transfer its current immunoassays onto the new Gyros platform, as well as using it to develop new assays. Mr Meyers explained the company’s investment decision, “The Gyros technology has been demonstrated to enable rapid method development and increased throughput without loss of assay performance, whilst also miniaturizing the assay.”

“Our intention is to use the Gyros platform to extend our assay portfolio over the coming months in support of the pre-clinical and clinical development of CAT products,” added Mr Meyers.

Jan Würtz, CEO at Gyros AB, also commented on the recent sales, “To have major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies recognize the inherent advantages of Gyros technology in this way is a significant step forward for the company. We hope to see more interest from these sectors in the future, particularly with the introduction of Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC later this year. The new high-capacity CD microlaboratories will only use 20 nL sample volume, extending the measurement range even further and minimizing the need for sample dilution.”

About AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a major international healthcare business engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and the supply of healthcare services. It is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with healthcare sales of $23.95 billion and leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neuroscience, respiratory, oncology and infection products. AstraZeneca is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Global) as well as the FTSE4Good Index.

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About Cambridge Antibody Technology

Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) is a biopharmaceutical company using its capabilities and technologies in the discovery and development of new and innovative antibody medicines in selected therapeutic areas to bring improvements to seriously ill patients’ lives. Following the recent acquisition of CAT by AstraZeneca, CAT is a subsidiary of the AstraZeneca group of companies. CAT employs around 300 people and is based near Cambridge, UK and in Palo Alto, USA.

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About Gyros (

Gyros AB is the world leader in utilization of microfluidic technologies to miniaturize and automate immunoassays. The GyrosTM immunoassay platform increases productivity and efficiency during development of biotherapeutics and vaccines, saving time and labor. Major biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers utilize the Gyros platform to boost time-critical workflows and meet increasing regulatory demands.

Spanning the entire spectrum of immunoassays, the platform cuts the time to result significantly. Faster development times, and unattended running of assays at nano-liter scale, save labor and sample. The ease of assay transfer between sites and from development to regulated environments is unsurpassed in the industry.

The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden and has regional sales and support offices in the USA and Europe, and a growing network of distributors.