Gyros AB collaborating with independent cancer research organization to evaluate new technology.


Gyros AB announced today that the first application for Gyros technology is under evaluation by the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. The work is being carried out in collaboration with Professor Ulf Hellman, a Member of the Ludwig Institute.

The soon-to-be-launched application from Gyros is designed to improve and streamline sample preparation prior to analysis by MALDI mass spectrometry, a technique used for protein identification not only at the Ludwig Institute, but throughout the world of research and drug discovery.

Professor Hellman explained the reason for his interest: “In our Protein Structure Group we need to identify low abundance proteins and we work with minute amounts of sample, often only a few nanograms are available. We have to specialize in sample preparation techniques not only because we handle such small amounts, but also because any improvement in sample preparation can lead to an increase in sensitivity for the final analysis.”

Excellent sample preparation is crucial to achieve highest sensitivity and a high success rate for identification by MALDI mass spectrometry. The microfluidic solution from Gyros integrates several preparation steps into one automated process and achieves sensitivity levels close to the detection limit of a MALDI mass spectrometer. Multiple samples can be processed in parallel within a microlaboratory in the form of a CD.

Professor Hellman continued, “This work will be an interesting challenge between man and machine. As anyone working with MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry knows, the most precious samples are prepared individually and with great care to ensure the highest sensitivity. To achieve a similar result on a fully automated system would be a major step forward in productivity for our lab.”

“The Protein Structure Group at the Ludwig Institute works with the same techniques and has similar goals to those working in the proteomics area of drug discovery, the main target group for our new system,” explained Per Sjöberg, Executive Vice President Commercial Operations at Gyros,” Professor Hellman’s work will be of great benefit to us and is a perfect complement to testing already in progress at the proteomics company, Ace BioSciences, in Denmark. We are extremely confident of a successful launch within a matter of months.”

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