Breakthrough sales to German CMO market and continued repeat purchases confirms the importance of Gyrolab for therapeutic antibody development


Gyros announced the completion of three new sales of the Gyrolab analysis platform at the close of the first quarter. Two systems were purchased by key German contract manufacturing organizations (CMO’s): ProBioGen and Rentschler Biotechnologie. One additional repeat purchase was made by MedImmune (USA).

The Gyrolab system offers automated, quantitative protein screening for all stages of therapeutic antibody development.

“As a contract manufacturing provider, the Gyrolab system provides us with an extremely efficient method for quantitative analyses of IgG and therapeutic proteins with less hands-on time. The very high accuracy of measurement will greatly enhance our offering to our clients”, says Dr. Volker Sandig, VP Cell & Vector Biology at ProBioGen in Berlin, Germany.

“The purchase of Gyrolab by such key players in the German CMO market as ProBioGen, closely followed by Rentschler Biotechnologie, is an important breakthrough for Gyros. Another success story is the recent repeat purchase by MedImmune, their fourth system, this is a huge vote of confidence that Gyrolab continues to add significant value to the pharmaceutical industry’s workflow compared with traditional technologies. I am personally delighted that we have booked such tangible success after such a relatively short time in this market”, says Lars Eric Utterman, CEO at Gyros.

Key factors for all three companies have been the cost-effective increase in efficiency of protein screening, less hands-on procedures, reduced analyst time, a higher degree of automation, and increased speed of analysis. A unique benefit provided by the system is the ability to analyze very small sample volumes with minimal reagent usage.

The Gyrolab system consists of the Gyrolab Workstation as well as application-specific microlaboratories in a CD format. The Gyros team will also provide hands-on training and specific assay optimization relevant for each customer.

MedImmune, ProBioGen, and Rentschler Biotechnologie are key players in the research and development of therapeutic antibodies.


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Gyros AB is the world leader in utilization of microfluidic technologies to miniaturize and automate immunoassays. The GyrosTM immunoassay platform increases productivity and efficiency during development of biotherapeutics and vaccines, saving time and labor. Major biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers utilize the Gyros platform to boost time-critical workflows and meet increasing regulatory demands.

Spanning the entire spectrum of immunoassays, the platform cuts the time to result significantly. Faster development times, and unattended running of assays at nano-liter scale, save labor and sample. The ease of assay transfer between sites and from development to regulated environments is unsurpassed in the industry.

The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden and has regional sales and support offices in the USA and Europe, and a growing network of distributors.