Sabrina Lory on developing fit-for-purpose immunoassays

Sabrina Lory, Head of the Bioanalytical Assay Laboratory, NovImmune, presented ‘Developing fit for purpose assays using the Gyrolab platform’, at the 2012 International Gyrolab Seminar.

Using Gyrolab xP workstation, her group were able to develop assays for a fully human anti-cytokine IgG1 antibody to be used to treat an orphan disease in a pediatric population:

  • Pharmacokinetics assay to measure the free drug
  • Pharmacodynamics assay to measure total target
  • Anti-Drug Antibody assay

In contrast to ELISA, the Gyrolab PK and PD assays gave higher sensitivity using lower amounts of sample (just 5 µl), which was a critical factor since the amount of clinical sample was limiting.

Based on their results, Sabrina concludes “Gyrolab system will be a key technology for this clinical trial”.

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