Diane Hamlin on the performance of Gyrolab xP workstation

Gyrolab xP workstation increased productivity significantly compared with an ECL-based 96-well plate assay:

  • 3× less time to a validated assay
  • half the hands-on time
  • 4× less run-time
  • 2–3× faster turnaround time
  • Same or better sensitivity

And precision was exceptional even when changing antibody batches.

Diane Hamlin, Eli Lilly and Company, presented ‘Performance of the Gyrolab xP System for Custom Development of Preclinical Urinary Renal Biomarker Assays’ at the International Gyrolab Seminar, ‘Changing the Immunoassay Landscape using Automated Nanoliter-scale Innovation’. October 3-4, 2012, USA.

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