Discover Gyrolab for rapid and accurate affinity determinations


Gyrolab Affinity SoftwareDeveloping therapeutic binding molecules includes optimizing and monitoring their specificity and affinity to the target molecule. For example, therapeutic antibodies with high affinity have higher efficacy and reduce the risk of side effects. The demand for higher affinity requires analytical methods that can accurately determine equilibrium dissociation constants (KD) in the low- or sub-picomolar range.

Gyrolab feature/benefits for determining affinity:

  • Determine KD down to low picomolar levels

  • No need to modify interactants

  • Analyze affinities of up to 14 interacting pairs per CD per hour

  • Set up in-solution affinity experiments guided by intuitive software

Gyrolab Affinity Software module facilitates the design and evaluation of in-solution affinity experiments. The software guides you in defining the interacting pairs and setting up the affinity sample series. At equilibrium, the response from the unbound interactant in each affinity sample is measured with an automated Gyrolab Affinity Analysis run, needing sample volumes as small as 4 µL.

The flow through affinity column in Gyrolab CDs is ideal for measuring free fractions of interactants in equilibrated solutions. Short contact times of only a few seconds between the sample and the capture column avoid the equilibrium shifts that are inherent in assays requiring long incubation times.

The results are easily evaluated with the Affinity module in Gyrolab Evaluator.