Compliance. Verified.

How Gyrolab™ xP gives robust
immunoassays for regulated

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Research. Multiplied.

How you get more data
with less time, sample
and resources

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Efficiency. Personified.

How scientists experience
the impact of Gyrolab xP
in time-critical work

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Applications. Exemplified.

How Gyrolab xP transforms
immunoassays in preclinical R&D,
clinical trials, and bioprocess

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Gyros revolutionizes biopharma productivity by improving resource use,
immunoassay quality and turnaround times. We help you meet stringent regulatory
norms through high data quality, traceability and automation.

Please send inquiries to:

Gyros head office in Sweden

T: +46 (0)18 56 63 00

Gyros office in North America:

T: +1 908 755 0011